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I will readily admit that is feels weird to blog again. I was an early adopter of the blogging craze back in my middle school era (anyone remember Xanga??) and kept up a semi-regular blog through high school and college. It fell to the wayside as I gained interest in videography and podcasting, but here we are again! Full circle.

Blogging is what drew me to learning to code in those early days. The fact that with a string of random numbers I could have a flashing glitter rainbow title on my post seemed like techno-witchcraft. I loved it! While code-language and the tools I use to build websites are muchmuch different now, it still holds that shiny feeling of creative expression for me. Creating a place that reflect the mood I want to capture never gets old.

Perhaps I'm a bit ahead of myself here.


I'm Carolyn Zick. I am the co-founder and manager of Bad Axe Enterprises LLC. I'm a wife, mama, sister, daughter, millennial, self-taught web designer, rookie woodworker, textile artist, business owner- the list goes on. You already have a brief overview of my coding origin story, so how about a soapbox moment regarding why small business matters to me?

I mean, I can rant all day about why it should matter to everyone. But let's start with me.

Both my parents are small business owners. My dad, a grain farmer, showed me the value of careful planning and weighing risk vs. investment. My mom's accounting background taught me that networking, marketing, and how people perceive you matters.

Business lessons aside, the biggest take-away I got from my two-small-biz-supported childhood was togetherness. My parents were always there for my sister and me. I know that is the factor that drives so many to take the jump and start their own business. Not that owning a business takes less hours than a normal job; the opposite is true. But it offers flexibility to allow a family to experience things together. And that's what I want to support with Bad Axe. That freedom of choice, the ability to tailor your working life around something that matters to you. That's why everything here at Bad Axe Enterprises is built on a case-by-case basis.

Whether you have a family or not, building a small business is about building an extension of yourself. And I'm super nerdy giddy about helping you do that.

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