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  • Carolyn

Thank You Bad Axe Enterprises

This is essentially a thank you letter from me to my own company. Thank you, Bad Axe Enterprises, for propelling me in directions I never expected.

A few months ago, I was offered a job at my local bank. I was not seeking a job. I was not expecting a job offer. In fact, I went into the meeting thinking I was probably going to be asked to train some bank employees how to use Twitter. That was not the case at all. I was shocked, and actually laughed a bit when the offer came out: part-time Director of Communications. Me? A job?


I took the offer home and reflected. Because of my work with Bad Axe, I had been presented with this opportunity. I kept thinking about my experience in High School living in a small town where the local bank played a huge role in every facet of town life. Farmers, students, even tourists all felt the beneficial presence of that institution, whether or not they held and account. The bank was a cornerstone of the community, and here in my village that role is even more pronounced. This offer wasn't just the chance to work, it was the chance to grow: to grow the community in which I'm growing my babies. I was hard pressed to find a reason to pass on the chance to grow.

So I accepted. I start on Monday.

This is a thank you letter, not a farewell letter. Bad Axe Enterprises is not defunct. I will be continuing to offer small business marketing and branding services through Bad Axe Enterprises. You can still reach me in the regular ways: via email, phone, or Instagram. I look forward to working in my new capacity with Bank of Cashton and continuing to support small businesses through Bad Axe Enterprises. Two different, separate roles I get to play for one amazing region.

Thank you Bad Axe, thank you Bank of Cashton, thank you Driftless, Wisconsin. I can't wait to see what happens next!