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  • Carolyn

The Questions Series: Intro

Running Bad Axe Enterprises has made me do something I never anticipated doing. And now, I've done it twice. Each experience was unique, terrifying, and ultimately, a ton of fun. The more I think about it, well...I get a little hyped. And I flail. And nerd out. A lot. What is it that I've done?

I talked.

I know, I talk a lot. this isn't really a shock. But this was different!

Vernon Economic Development Association facilitated two workshops about social media and small business that I had the pleasure of speaking at. It has been such a blast seeing the diverse industries that show up! From trucking to bourbon barrel aged maple syrup to fine art to Mississippi River conservation: the range has been vast. And that's awesomely inspiring! I swear, I'm trying to keep my flailing to a minimum as I type this.

Despite the crazy diverse participants, there has been a common thread: questions.

Lots. Of. Questions.

Business owners show up to these workshops packing their list of inquiries and every time I'm blown way by the complexity and thoughtfulness of the questions! I swear, I am learning crazy things right along with them as we explore the nuances of making social media work for any business.

Over the next few weeks, Bad Axe will explore some of the big questions posed in these workshops in a series of five blog posts. I want to share what was discussed with as many folks as possible! Topics include:

  1. How do I set a tone online?

  2. Is Instagram worth my time?

  3. How do I find my customers?

  4. What is the point of paid advertising on social media?

  5. How long should social media management take?

There were loads of fantastic question, but these five were the ones in both workshops that we spent the most time working through.

Do you have a burning social media marketing question that you don't see listed? Join me on Friday at 8am-9am US Central time for Ask Bad Axe on Facebook LIVE! Tune in and bring your questions, I'll try and answer as many as I can!

Unable to make it to Ask Bad Axe on the 28th? Comment below or shoot me an email (badaxe.enterprises@gmail.com) with your inquiry and perhaps I'll be able to answer it in a future post!

Need answers sooner? Bad Axe offers one-on-one training and consultations.

Until next time, stay Bad Axe!


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