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Why Pay for Ads on Social Media? (The Questions Series)

Updated: Jan 2

In light of the super amazingness of the social media workshops facilitated by Vernon Economic Development Association and Bad Axe Enterprises, I want to spend a few blog posts exploring the top five questions posed by business owners. So, let's talk paid ads. Why do it? It costs money! Gross.

When leading these social media workshops, participants always had great questions about paid ads. While I do not typically suggest paid ads to new social media marketing users, I cannot deny the awesome power paid ads offer! I'm not going to go into a full description of how to design an ad campaign, but I will detail a quick list of pros in favor of using paid social media ads as opposed to traditional media advertising methods. And by "traditional" methods I mean TV, radio, and print.

Let's do it, time to break it down! -funky music blasting-

Why should your business advertise on social media:

  1. It's affordable. You can set your ad spend budget based on your specific goals or available finances. This is great for small biz owners who might not have multi billion dollar budgets.

  2. It's targeted. If you have a good handle on your desired audience, you can make sure your ad gets in front of those folks. Need help defining your audience? Check out this printable!

  3. It's flexible. Most platforms allow you to tweak your ads while they are running in order to optimize performance. Flexibility means your money isn't going to get thrown away on something that totally fails.

  4. It's measurable. You can see insights on what works with your audiences and define your ad success accordingly. This isn't always true of traditional media marketing, making social ads pretty spiffy for the biz owners who want to see what is actually working.

  5. It's fast. Getting a solid ad campaign running can be pretty speedy with social media. Got an event to promote next week? Put it out there in front of the right people right away and get engagement that might have been lost with traditional ad formats.

Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc are topics that can be discussed in intense detail. If you are looking at launching some paid advertising on any of these platforms, I suggest reading each platform's advertising rules and targeting options to get a sense for which might work best for your business.

Do you have a specific question about paid ads? Comment below! I may be able to break it down in a future blog post.

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