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  • Carolyn

Fast Five: Business Check Up

Updated: Jan 2

I'm not big on resolutions, but I am a huge fan of taking a moment to assess my life, my choices, and my direction. A lot of folks set aside time in January to make these sorts of reflections, so I thought I would share my Fast Five questions I ask myself when I'm "checking in" on Bad Axe Enterprises.

1. Am I happy with my online presence?

To start out, I go for a quick gut-reaction. Do I personally like what I'm putting out online? Is my immediate reaction when thinking about my business online positive or negative? Sometimes I journal this one (yes, I know, ain't nobody got time for that). whether my reaction is positive or negative, I ask "Why?" I answer myself in one sentence. Then I ask "Why" again. And again. And one more time for good measure. It can look like this:

I really don't like my Twitter feed right now.


Because it feels really fake.


Because I'm not using as many emojis as I normally do.


Because I feel like I need to be more serious on Twitter.


Because I only ever use Twitter to read news posts.

The negative reaction in this scenario was more about the platform when I drilled down, rather than my own feed. This is information I could use to assess the types of accounts I engage with or to determine if my business is a good fit for the platform at all.

2. Is my business meeting sales goals I have set?

This looks different for every business. I'm not going to go into what your sales goals should be, but rather gently remind you that you should have some that you can use to assess your marketing efforts. Taking a moment to pull out your sales goals and look at your actual sales can help point to an area or audience you may be missing.

3. Are folks engaging on my social posts?

Most businesses want engagement (likes, comments, messages, shares) on their social posts. Beyond driving leads, it helps you see what content resonates with your audience. And you don't really need to dive into the data to see that type of trend: Are your posts about new recipes at your bakery getting the most love? Consider featuring more recipes, or creating a call to action based on recipes! For example, you could ask followers to message you a fun story or fond memory they have associated with a recipe, and share your favorites in future posts.

4. Have I asked what my audience wants lately?

I probably should have put this one first. This is a BIG ONE. If you are only going to ask yourself one thing, ask this. What does your audience want? WHY are they coming to your business online? Do they need to know where you are located? Your hours? Your products? Do they want your expertise on a topics? You bet your boots that if they don't see what they want, you are going to be hard pressed to get them back to your website or social media profile. Take some time and really assess what your audience wants when they see you online, and make sure you offer it!

5. Is my content what my audience expects to see?

Similar to #4, assess what you are putting out online visually or in writing. Does it pair nicely with what your audience needs? In my case, I always ask what business owners want to know when they search for marketing help online. Then I work on finding ways to provide those things.

Ready to dive in further? The free guides from the Resource Page are designed to help business owners plan and create content that results in meaningful engagement online!

Do you have areas you assess when it's time to check-in with your business?

Until next time!

Stay Bad Axe,


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