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Marketing for Holiday Sales in 2020

This year more than ever it is critical to be ready to take advantage of holiday sales. I've got some super fast, easy to implement, high impact tips for you to make the most of you 2020 holiday season marketing plan.

Let's set the stage....Black Friday 2019: $2.9 BILLION in sales via smartphones alone 😱😱😱 I'm no economist, buuuutttt I'm pretty sure Black Friday 2020 is going to top those numbers! Between slower shipping, more demand, and a deeper desire to shop small than ever, let's make sure your marketing plan is on POINT for holiday sales this year!

Start Now!

No time to lose, start sharing your holiday offerings now. It doesn't need to be every single post, but start warming your audience up to the thought that they could buy from you!

Know the Dates

Look at the USPS shipping dates if you have physical products to send. Use those dates to schedule any sales or offers you are planning to have, so that your customers have time to take advantage of your deal while still getting the goods in time.

Be VERY Clear

Be completely transparent about how to buy from you and what buyers can expect. This includes mentioning possible shipping delays, explaining the ordering process, showing off your order packing skillz, and more!

Get Social!

Building relationships online results in sales. Jump into Stories and Reels to show behind the scenes or explain your ordering process. If you are sales-first online, you are going to be disappointed in your results.

Plan For Real

Do not trust yourself to come up with the most clever content in real time while you are also buried with wonderful orders to fulfill. Plan ahead. Think of it as a gift to Future-You! When you plan ahead for your social media content, you are able to dedicate your precious time to making a bigger impact: developing engagement and relationships!!

I've got a free, printable 2020 Holiday Marketing Planning Checklist for you! Download it here!

2020 Holiday Marketing Checklist
Download PDF • 23KB

Pro tip: Keep your planning momentum up! The 2020 Holiday Marketing Planning Checklist pairs great with the 2021 Content Planner Spreadsheet.

I want to see you ROCKING the end of 2020's SOCKS OFF!!🤘🤘 Are you feeling ready? Let's chat in the comments!

Stay Bad Axe!


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