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  • Carolyn

It Worked!

Last week, I wrote about how long you should spend on social media management. As discussed, there is no cookie cutter answer for the exact number of seconds a small business should spend on managing their social presence. This can really prove frustrating to business owners. I know! I am one! I want someone to pop in with a magical formula and tell me "Bad Axe needs to spend ___ minutes this week on Instagram."

But that's not a thing. There is no formula.

There is, however, hard work, time, and concentrated effort that can lead to real-life results.

I received this email from a business owner who attended one of the social media workshops we facilitated with Vernon Economic Development Association. I think the message speaks for itself:

"For the last week, I have been going out and actively finding people who had hashtagged our business, and followed them and sent them a little personal note which ended with “check out our new releases online” and we have had a huge bump in sales.

I KNEW I needed to do it, and I had played around with messages to people here and there, but have never dedicated the time (as there IS not time that is extra). So I decided to do an hour per day. So in essence, what I left with was the added determination to go home and just pound out some heartfelt messages, very much like I had been doing on FB, but making them personal to the people who already have indicated they loved us, and then expanded to others I was sure would love us.

The unintended consequence of me following people who tagged us, and then following other businesses I found who sold things similar to us was that suddenly there were “random” people following us all of a sudden. But upon investigation, they were not random. People who followed the stores we followed were noticing that a follow had occurred and so they wanted to follow us too. It has been a beautiful coincidence and the most viral thing that has happened to our office."

This business owner knew there wasn't extra time in the day, but made an effort to carve out dedicated social media marketing space in the busy work schedule. The results?

Spikes in sales. Increased followers. Active engagement.

If any of these things are included in your business goals, consider making time for social media. Don't know where to start? The Resources page is a good place to jump in.

How are you going to make time for your business marketing today?

Stay Bad Axe,


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