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Market your brand online without wrecking your mental health in the process.


Sensible Social Marketing is a guided workflow eBook that helps you make decisions and set up supportive systems that help you be more impactful and intentional for your brand while being online LESS.


Focusing on how you want to work, who you want to work with, and what they need from your brand, this interactive guide includes details about processes I use daily to manage my own marketing and my clients'; as well as worksheets to help you brainstorm and apply what you've learned.


This is a no experience necessary, low tech approach to marketing your brand online. Sensible Social Marketing focuses on strategically creating content that resonates with your audience and outlines the methods and tools I love to help make that happen. Most of the tools discussed are free or have free versions!


The cost of marketing your brand effectively online should never be your mental health. This ebook will help you prioritize healthy social media use, real engagements, and goal-driven results!


Table of Contents:

Section 1: Gathering Resources

(How to use what you already have)

-Your Lifestyle

-Your Resources

-Don't Overthink It


Section 2: Platforms & Recycling

(Social platforms + endless content ideas)

-Your Audience & Your Brand

-Social Platforms

-Content Types

-Content Recycling


Section 3: Planning & Designing

(Making interesting content that is value driven)

-Strategy 101

-A Year in the Life

-Planning Tools & Steps

-Designing Content


Section 4: Supportive Boundaries

(Being intentional + impactful online)

-Boundary Setting Tools

Sensible Social Marketing eBook

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