Let's have a BADD Day!!

A BADD Day is a Bad Axe Deep Dive Day. In these exclusive, limited availability sessions, we go deep. Really deep.


And you leave with the tools and resources to ROCK your marketing.

You might be ready for a BADD Day if:

  •  You have knowledge of social media, but want to use it better

  • You crave a marketing strategy that focuses on organic growth

  • You want to explore additional methods of reaching your ideal client

  • You are ready to take your content to the next level

  • You are willing to spend time on setting up systems protect your mental health 

Six exclusive, focused hours with a marketing expert

Are you ready to be more intentional and more impactful online?

During your BADD Day, you will have exclusive, dedicated access to my expertise as we work together to develop a custom marketing plan based on your brand's needs. It's you (and your team of up to five people) and me, baby!!


Every BADD Day is completely customized, highly focused, and action driven. Before your BADD Day, you fill out a detailed questionnaire that puts me on track for the pre-research and resource development that I will complete before we hang.

Oh yes. I'm talking about custom, industry specific resources that we will use when we meet and you will use for the rest of the year to guide your strategy.

Each month, there are only two slots available for BADD Days. This allows me to give you the attention your unique brand deserves!

BAE IG Content Workshop Announce 9.9.202


A detailed report of your current online presence and my tips for improvement


A PDF workbook for your brand that we will use during our session


Strategy overview and social media content themes for the next 12 months, including any important launch dates 


Expert insight on automating and streamlining your online presence to protect your mental health


Long-term marketing strategy tips tailored to your exact needs


Resources for designing posts that fit your brand aesthetic


Engagement strategies that will grow your online presence


The confidence to get out there and make profitable connections online!

Here's what you will get

from a BADD Day:

The bottom line?
Your marketing strategy
completely on track.


Let's smash your marketing goals and ROCK your online presence!
Let's have a BADD Day!

Apply for your BADD Day:

Currently booking for 2022

Once your application has been reviewed, I will reach out to schedule a 30 minute chat via Zoom if I think you are a good fit for a BADD Day.

I'll get back to you ASAP!