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120 Marketing Tasks To Do During Lockdown

Let me first say: you do not need to be productive during this unprecedented time. There are no rules. We’ve never done this before! Take it day by day, be gentle on yourself, and deeply listen to your needs.

If you do choose to work on your business marketing during this time, but don’t know where to start, I’ve got a list of 120 great, easy marketing tasks you can do from home during the lock down to help promote your business quickly and effectively online. The best part? Most of these actionable tasks will only cost your time!

This great list of ways to optimize your online presence quickly! While I was brainstorming tasks for the list, I even starting my own list of which of these tasks I need to do for Bad Axe. Let's crank some of these out together!

Social Media:

  • Get a Facebook Page

  • Get an Instagram

  • Link your Facebook Page & Instagram Business Page

  • Sketch a social post plan (download the Social Media Planning Calendar I use)

  • Update your page info on Facebook

  • Update your Instagram bio

  • Ditch on Instagram if you have a website! Opt for a page (mine is so you can track analytics and get more people on your site!

  • Research hashtags to use on Instagram

  • Start a YouTube channel

  • Get a Pinterest for your business

  • Explore possible social media platforms that might be a good fit for your business

  • Design a new cover image for you Facebook page

  • Update all your social profile pictures

  • Claim your Google My Business account

  • Create a branded hashtag

  • Check on the performance of your existing branded hashtag

  • Develop a social media ad campaign trial run

  • Check social media for posts featuring your business. Use location search, hashtags, and check posts you are mentioned in

  • Try out a new type of social media post to see if your audience likes it

  • Check your social media insights to see what days your followers are most active. Do you post on those days?

  • See where your followers are located. How are you addressing that region?

  • List locations you can use for hashtags or geotagging on your posts

  • Start tracking hashtag performance (I was using the SmartHash app for a while and enjoyed it)

  • Start a Facebook Community page via your business page for your clients


  • Build a website

  • Clean up your newsletter email list (delete broken emails)

  • Start an e-newsletter

  • Make sure you are set up on Google Analytics for your website

  • Start a blog

  • Make sure your website looks amazing on mobile

  • Update your website to make is accessibility friendly

  • Add ALT Text to all the images on your website

  • Update Meta Tags for your website

  • Re-check your website for typos

  • Update your About Me page on your website

  • Write a FAQ for your website

  • Make a list of keywords and make sure they are present on your website

  • Set benchmarks for website traffic

  • Integrate a calendar or booking service

  • Ask a friend or colleague to read over your website and review it for you


  • Design your business card

  • Work on your Brand Voice with the free Brand Voice Guide I wrote up

  • Design your logo

  • Create a brand color scheme

  • Update your website & social accounts with your brand color scheme

  • Pick a font family for your branding

  • Update your website with your brand fonts

  • Complete the Brand Definition worksheet

  • Design letterhead for your business

  • Create a great backdrop for virtual meetings (make a virtual backdrop in Canva or arrange your space accordingly)


  • Start using a social media post scheduler (I use Hootsuite)

  • Develop a lead management strategy

  • Adopt a lead management software (I use HoneyBook, and you can get 50% your first year using that referral link)

  • Go through your camera roll and upload any useful images to a folder for future marketing use

  • Make a meal plan to help you remain productive and focused

  • Take new headshots of yourself

  • Build a light box for product pictures

  • Change all your passwords

  • Assess your pricing scheme

  • Create a hashtag bank of sets of hashtags to use for different post topics (this speeds up the post process SO MUCH)

  • Develop a plan for negative reviews. Pre-type and save a positive/kind response asking the reviewer to contact you directly to discuss further.

  • Generate some automatic emails or workflows (again, I use HoneyBook for this)

  • Design a digital or print brochure of your products/services

  • Make a time management plan and stick to it!

  • Learn how to use a video conferencing software


  • Teach an e-class

  • Host a Q&A session for potential clients, or encourage them to email/message you their questions

  • Play with design software (I use Canva for almost everything)

  • Brainstorm a list of potential new products or offerings

  • Start a podcast

  • Learn about cycle synching

  • Research local events you’d like to take part in

  • Look up goofy national holidays that apply to your business

  • Write your Stump Speech or Elevator Pitch! Be able to tell what your business is in two sentences. Practice it! Create variations of it! This is so important!!! I should have put it closer to the top!!!


  • Email past clients to check in with them

  • Write a list of dream clients you’d like to land

  • Ask for reviews from past clients

  • Define your Ideal Client using the worksheet I designed

  • Reach out to new followers on social media, thank them for following you!

  • Reply to reviews (even if they aren’t super recent!)

  • Join a Facebook group where your ideal clients hang out. Observe their needs/behaviors

  • Write mailable letters to your best clients

  • Ask your best clients if you can interview them about their experience with you


  • Make a list of role models in your industry: what do they do?

  • Collaborate with industry adjacent professionals

  • Make a list of accounts you feel you could/should cross promote

  • Compile a list of competitors to watch

  • Host a virtual networking night to meet other biz owners and share ideas

  • Learn more about your industry via e-classes

  • Take a design or marketing SkillShare class

  • Make sure you are getting the most out of your chamber or business bureau membership: update your business listing on their sites if needed!

  • Find and join a Facebook group related to your industry that offers education, support, or networking opportunities

  • Assess any annual memberships you are part of. Do they offer marketing benefits?


  • Take new pictures of your inventory/products

  • Start an e-commerce section of your website

  • Optimize your product posts on Etsy/Ebay/Society6/RedBubble etc

  • Make sure your customers know where you are selling online: share your e-store info frequently!

  • Make the most of on-site marketing tools for wherever you sell your products/services

  • Check out product sale trends: what’s selling well? How did you market that item?


  • Consider promotional materials you use already: time for a change?

  • Hone in your print ads to make sure they reflect your brand style accurately

  • Determine what types of promo materials or swag your audience would respond to best

  • Try a simple giveaway on social media, were people engaged?

  • Take inventory of the promotional materials you have been given. What stood out to you?

  • Decide what in-print or traditional media ads make sense for your business and which don’t


  • Film some “behind the scenes” footage

  • Explain one of your biggest learning moments

  • Write a letter to your younger-self: what do you wish you had known when you started your business?

  • Brainstorm potential blog topics

  • Film a trailer for your YouTube channel, or an intro video for your website/social media

  • Feature your favorite product/service you offer: why do you love it? What makes it super special?

  • Develop infographics to explain things about your brand that potential clients have been asking about a lot (for Bad Axe, this would be an infographic to explain what the difference between hosting, domain, and design are for websites. I get asked that all the time!!)

  • Update your existing blog: are there old posts you could repurpose?

  • Curate seasonal themes for your social media/blog posts/newsletter

  • Cross promote your accounts! Let everyone know where to find you online

  • List your top performing posts from last year. What worked?

  • Poll your audience

  • Share at least one social post per week from your business page to your personal page

  • Go live on Facebook or Instagram

  • Write an introduction post for blog, social media, or podcast

What awesome things are you crossing off your "To-Do Someday" list?

Stay healthy!

Stay Bad Axe,


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