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3 Social Media Tricks to use RIGHT NOW

We are all busy. Not going anywhere else with that. It's a fact.

SO. Let's attack your social media accounts and utilize three super easy tricks to optimize user experience. Aka: let's make your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook even better! Really quick!

TRICK 1: Look at your profile.

Read it. View it. How do the pics all look next to each other in Instagram? Cohesive? Cluttered? Are your Tweets unique or mostly retweets? Have you posted a bunch of the same or similar images in a row? Make a mental (or physical) note of what type of thing you want to post next to add a bit of variety. Make your profile appealing to your perfect customer! This doesn't need to take a ton of time, just assess it quickly as if you stumbled upon it. Would you keep reading? Make notes to adjust future posts as needed. Remember, be brief! This is a tune up, not a complete rebuild.

TRICK 2: Follow local/state business councils for your region.

These accounts might not be the most exciting to follow if you aren't a major small biz nerd like me. BUT. I highly recommend all business owners to keep up on what their local small business councils, better business bureaus, city administrations are up to. You never know when you will hear about a new opportunity for your business! Other great things to follow are tourism boards, state governments, and of course, your local politicians. They support and fight for your businesses rights! Know what they do!

TRICK 3: Make the most of that one link on Instagram

This one is so simple but it blew my mind. If you have a website, make a page of links and use that as your one clickable link in your Instagram profile. Mine is if you'd like an idea of what to highlight. When you make a link page on your website, you can track your analytics right where you track all your website traffic. Plus, you want to show off that awesome site as much as possible, right?

If you do not have a website, call me. ;) While we build your awesome new website, LinkTree is a great way to get a group of links shoved into your Instagram profile without it getting ugly or weird. All you do: create a LinkTree account with your business or personal IG, pick what links you want to use and customize your look. It's FREE, has basic analytics, and allows for constant changing. Have a recipe you want to highlight for a week? No prob. Add its own LinkTree button. Want to direct people to your GoFundMe this month? Add a button. Possibilities are endless!

Whew! Flew through that. What tricks do you use to make your business' social accounts shine?

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