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5 Must-Have Editing Apps for Social Media Marketing

I do not have time for apps that suck.

I am not a fan of having 60,684,734,098,646 apps on my phone. I've been known to delete an app if I didn't use it that week, only to re-download it a week later. -shrug- I want things to be streamlined and efficient!

So since you know I'm a weirdo about not having useless apps, you KNOW these are going to be game changers for you. Whether you are a marketer by trade or you are running your own business or you are looking for ways to level up your social presence in general, these ARE the apps you are looking for.


This is a video editing app that is freeeeeeeee. FREE!! I still can't believe I don't pay $$$ for this one. When Reels came out on Instagram in August, I quickly realized the limitations of the Reels editor on Instagram itself. I don't have the music feature, and let's not even talk about editing text. InShot was highly touted by a lot of different folks, so I tried it out. I was ready to be underwhelmed but my gosh. It's incredibly robust, easy to use, and has a great library of stickers, music, sound effects, video filters and more!

Threads by Instagram:

I legit just started using this app this morning. It's Instagram's side app for communicating with your Close Friends but FAM. YOU CAN TRANSCRIBE YOUR VIDEOS. You literally just talk and Threads adds subtitles for you. This is a MUST if you want your video content to be accessible and extra engaging (tons of viewers watch with sound off!). You can share straight to Stories from the app, or download and use it for other content (Reels, IGTV, Story Pins.....need I say more?!)


This is a fun one for animating stills and make them POP more! I use this one pretty regularly to extend a client's photo collection. Maybe you only have a few good shots for your biz? some clever editing and those shots can be transformed to be re-used with Pixaloop's motion brushes. This is another great way to repurpose royalty free stock images. Also, just fun. Very fun.


If you need robust image editing on your phone, VSCO is the one. I don't use this app nearly as much as I used to, but it doesn't get the boot from my iPad because it's so useful. A great way to make and store branded filters (called "Recipes") to give all your images a cohesive look.


If you follow my Instagram Stories, you know I was FLIPPING OUT about this one a few weeks back. It's a copy and paste for real life. Take a pic of a person/animal/object with ClipDrop, and it removes the background. Then, point your camera at your connected laptop and drop the image directly to your desktop. WUT. I use this app, but I don't have the "point and drop" function set up. I make clips and save them to my Google Drive, cuz that's my workflow. Saves soooo much time/energy and is a great on the go replacement for Photoshop.

What's your fave photo/video app? Tell me in the comments, email me, or slide into my DMs on Instagram!

Stay Bad Axe!


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