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Building community with Creatives of the Midwest

Jan 2021 - Present

AMIDST Creatives is the online community side of AMIDST Magazine. I started at AMIDST as a contract marketing specialist and website developer and have since grown into the role of cofounder.

My roles at AMIDST include:

  • Fostering our online community for Midwest Creatives to grow, learn, and collaborate

  • Creating content for our online spaces

  • Strategizing organic marketing campaings

  • Identifying strategic partners for the AMIDST brand as a whole

  • Hosting virtual events and curating expert guest speakers

Biggest Wins:

  • Growing our community from 0 - 200 with word of mouth and organic marketing alone

  • Hosting expert speakers that help our community members grow as creatives

  • Our ongoing partnership with Fashion Week Minnesota

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