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Digital and print marketing management across a range of channels

Dec 2019 - Present

Woodbine Bend Golf Course and Restaurant is a family owned business that just celebrated its 20th year in operation. Since 2019 I've been part of the team. My role encompassesall areas of marketing for their brand, both digital and traditional.

My roles and responsibilities:

  • Social media content strategy, design, and implementation across all channels

  • Monthly email marketing campaigns

  • Branded app management and notification messaging creation

  • Creation of all print advertising and collaboration with print ad providers

  • Design of in house menus, posters, and table top signage

  • Event marketing management

  • Creative direction and execution of all photoshoots

Biggest Wins:

  • Growing the brand's social audience steadily over the four years of our partnership

  • Social audience anticipates our content to the point of calling the restaurant if the weekly specials are not announced on the typical day

  • Increased golf and dining turnout year over year

  • Navigating the changing COVID restrictions as a team and keeping customers aware of available dining/golf options

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