Showing Up on Video When You are Scared AF

Showing up on video for your business can feel really scary, but I promise it doesn’t have to be! If you have been asking what the secret to getting higher engagement and a deeper connection with your audience on social media, well, guess what? Video is it.

Across major social media platforms, showing up on video can supercharge your social media presence. Video helps your audience know you, like you, and trust you! Most buyers value brand transparency pretty darn highly, so when you show up on video and prove you aren’t a robot you are scoring points in their book. And those points are redeemable for nifty things like trust, which translates to dollars when you eventually offer your sales pitch.

“Cool Carolyn, I know all that. I still don’t want to be on video.”

Okay BUT. Let me dissect this for a second with you.

Do you not want to be on video because you are scared of how you will look/sound/what people will say? Okay…do you feel the same way pitching your brand in person? Are you super freaked out about talking about your business to prospective clients in person? No? Yes?

If talking about your business is what’s holding you back (and trust me, that has been what’s held me back before) there is some self reflection that needs to happen. Get proud! Stand tall! Your business rocks and you rock at talking about it.

So get on video already!!! The public awaits you.

TIP 1: Write it Down

What is the goal of the video you are about to make? Write it down. What do you need to say to reach that goal? Write it down. Keep your notes in your lap while you record. If you need to look at them, stop talking and look down at them. You can edit that part out!

TIP 2: Breathe and Smile

I forget this one most often. Before you hit record, take a couple deep breaths and smile REAL BIG. It sounds cheesy, but it actually triggers your brain to